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CEO/Founder: Kimberly Behling

Kimberly is a native to Los Angeles and grew up in Northridge during the tract home development boom. One of her favorite things to do when the tract homes were complete was to go check out the model homes. She was in awe over how much the interior design of the model homes provided such an emotional response and a “wow” factor compared to the same floor plan that was empty. She remembers a realtor saying that even though the furniture didn’t always sell with the house in the tract model homes, it always sold for a higher price than the empty ones.


Fast-forward to 1998, Kimberly was working in a furniture store and designing custom built-ins, cabinets, and vanities etc.  One of her biggest customers turned out to be a big realtor in the area who ran a successful real estate team. After a series of events, Kimberly ended up on his real estate team for the next 7 years as a buyer’s agent. After selling a couple multi-million-dollar houses, she decided to follow her passion and get back into furniture, and that’s when she she decided to start her own staging company, UPstageLA.


UPstageLA has been in business coming up on 12 years now, and continues to grow. 


Here’s the process of what UPstageLA will do to help your home fly off the market!


To sell fast, buyers need to feel an immediate connection with your home. They need to feel a sense of belonging inspiring them to envision themselves hanging out in your living room, enjoying a tasty meal around your dining table. Staging your home properly allows buyers the opportunity to see its fullest potential, in its most flattering and alluring form.

It all starts with a friendly one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced project managers. After a home walk-through, we customize a staging plan for your home that incorporates your desired breadth of work. 

  • Designing. Our Project Managers gather at our large inventory warehouse and pull your entire set together in the staging area. We lay each space of your home before it even leaves our warehouse to ensure a completely cohesive design.

  • Staging. On the day of the staging, our team meticulously stages your home to look its finest. Your home is treated with the utmost respect and care so you can rest assured all will be done well.

  • Finishing. Once your house has sold, we promptly schedule a date to remove all the furniture and decor, leaving behind a sparkling clean and ready-to-move-in home!

Mission Statement

Through our innovative and consistent staging, we provide the highest quality of work to our clients with quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing.

We create beautifully curated and customized interior designs to give your home a competitive edge in an ever increasingly crowded market. Staging your property frees up your time and successfully increases your sale potential. It’s a well-crafted solution that results in an easier life.

Client satisfaction is our top priority and no project is too large or too small – we have something for everyone and each situation is handled with the attention and care it deserves regardless of its price or size.

Before Staging
After Staging
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